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product design

We understand that product design is not just about the object - its about realizing dreams before they make it into reality. 


Product design development stages extend from your basic form and reach over to your brand, product imagery and video. We want to ensure that our clients know how to reach their development goals and arrive at the production stage with a holistic plan that upholds and delivers the needs of your product and the customers that buy them.


We do this by integrating your specifications with the capabilities in design across the board. Making suggestions on how to maximize the output of each step in designing your product. How 3D models can be used for prototyping and then use the same assets for 3D printing or product animations and advertising. 

Contact us today to arrange a consultation session with us. We will start with your goals and develop strategies and methods on how we can achieve them.

Design Meeting Image



Our team wants to supply the best service to you, so give us a call today for a free quote based on your specific needs. If you have a specific figure in mind then let us know and we will do our best to fit-to-budget, tailoring the design to suit your needs.

Chevrolet Camaro SS Presentation C2B by design2themax

Chevrolet Camaro - Front Skirt design (1 of 4) done in Photoshop


Conceptualize your product in 2D, 3D & 4D. We provide a range of options from hand-drawn images to 3-dimensional renders & animations or promotional videos showing how your product works. Our clients know that the integrated nature of design2themax facilitates every stage of building a product from concept to production.  

Concept design will save you money and time through bypassing the prototyping process which can be very expensive. Our process is to deliver visuals that are accurate and look great, bringing your product to life before it is manufactured.

The benefits of creating 2D & 3D concept visuals for objects, house designs and interiors will save you money and also help in making decisions about form, space, texture and color. Visualize interior finishes and colors 1-on-1 with a designer until you get exactly the look you want. Dynamically shift objects and spaces so they will work in-situ based on your specific requirements.

Connecting Dots

Our computer aided drawing clients range from builders to furniture designers, engineers, architects and entrepreneurs, elevating new and existing designs to suit your needs.

We create and edit CAD & 3D models in ways you might not have thought was possible. Animating a form or object to show how it works or how it is built. Some of our technical animations have been used to translate engineers plans and schematics into concise and easily assimilated productions. These video animations are utilized for anything from advertising to technician introductions and trailing seminars.




A consultation session with us will help you to see how design2themax can bring your ideas to production. We make suggestions on framework, planning, technology options and more. It's a great place to start and will open the possibilities with your project. 


Abbot Point Mining Wharf - Construction animation frame.


The world of animation is vast and enables impressive visualization of 2D, 3D & 4D visuals. If you have a 3D model of your product then it's worth making the most of this asset by utilizing the form to illustrate how it works & how well it is constructed.


Motion graphics and video are the quickest ways to communicate the 'what' and 'how' of your product. Not only that, it also transforms your advertising into an entertaining way to communicate functionality and branding. We can combine branding and marketing messages as overlays onto your product videos. Taking it a step further into 3D & 4D modelling and animations that present a multi-part object coming together, being constructed or being used for what it's designed to do.


What is 4D animation you might ask? The 4th dimension in animation terms is time. The construction of a wharf for mining has many different components and a list of steps that must be completed in a specific sequence. This is where 4D animation comes in  - by illustrating what happens when, and then what happens after, and how much time. This is an essential element in coordinating & communicating the 'how' in projects large & small.



 From simple sketches to drafted plans we can turn your ideas into a 3D object to be animated or printed in realty. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help.


Our 3D design service combines functionality with artistry & simplicity. We realize that the process of producing a form can be expensive so we keep it simple. We can create photo-realistic renderings if that's what you want but many of our clients prefer the artistic approach. It really depends on the object and what the visuals will be used for.


We have saved projects time and money by providing consultation to ensure the result exceeds expectations, visualizing the product before production and finding what will work before the wheels are in motion.

Call or send us an email with a brief description and we will respond via email or phone call (whichever you prefer) with some options. Alternatively you can head over to the contact page and we will respond to your enquiry.


We provided a benefit to the client with this 3D model of their house build as we found and fixed errors in the plans before the house was built saving the client money and valuable time.

Supplied only with some simple plans we were able to visualize the clients house before it was built which gave them an invaluable opportunity to modify details to their needs. 


Working closely with the architect to bring this new build into a 3D visualization complete with finishes, trims and color choices according to the client's specs. 

These visuals are simple but helped the client to visualize their build during  the design process

BuddHouse-HandRender #1-by-design2themax

Family homes that are originally designed by architects, then the clients want some hand rendered floor plans with cololur and finish options to develop the interior style.

This process and the produced visuals are so popular that many decide to frame them and feature on the walls of their house as artwork.


This new build one-bedroom house was 3D modelled and rendered for our client before construction took place. Working closely with the client to arrange and design the interior to their specifications.

We produced a series of realistic renderings of the house, complete with photo backgrounds of the actual surrounding vegetation and the furniture & artwork chosen for the interior.


Logo design for the new range of Roderick ties turned into a full brand and product design build. From product photography to catalogue, brochure, packaging and soon to be a full website and online shop.

We worked closely with suppliers, manufacturers and packaging companies to design the perfect package for an impressive product range.

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